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Welcome to my custom page where I make it easy for you to design your own look, featuring semi-custom and custom shirts and vests. Simply visit the swatches link below and pick your fabric, style and color. You can even choose your favorite design placement on the cuffs and collars.

I look forward to working with you on creating your very own HW masterpiece!



New to my collection are shirts for ladies and men, all designed by top riders. The shirts are hand crafted with longer sleeves and a tailored fit for riding or leading. These look great alone or paired with a vest, both in and out of the ring. There are many color and trim options available, as well as monogramming at no extra charge.



My vests and jackets are always classic and timeless. They are perfect for longe line, halter, showmanship, and judging. They have a great tailored fit as well as custom length, giving that perfect show ring look for both ladies and men. With many trim, fabric, and lining options available for you to choose from, I will create your perfect piece. I also offer top stitching and monogramming on jackets, all at no extra charge.

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